The Mountain View Rose Society is an affiliate of the American Rose Society, an educational, not for profit organization. We are a newly formed organization made up of a group of longtime friends who are united by our love of roses and our dedication to sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm about roses with others. We formed our organization in December 2007 and already have a charter membership of 15 members and growing. Our membership includes Consulting Rosarians and Rose Horticulture Judges, those who have demonstrated an advanced knowledge of roses, and who have passed rigorous tests to assess their knowledge. They are dedicated to improving and propagating roses and to help members better care for their roses.

The Mountain View Rose Society is dedicated to encouraging the appreciation, study and culture of the rose within the Membership and with the community. Membership entitles the member to receive the Mountain View Newsletter, the informative newsletter of the Society.

Annual dues are $20.00 per household.